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Why weather warnings become even more critical at night

Having a plan and knowing where to go and when to go there could be your key to survival in the most extreme weather cases.

DAVENPORT, Iowa - National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologists are tracking the possibility of more flash flooding, damaging winds, and tornadoes Tuesday.

As the sun goes down, the storms can become even more dangerous.

"Overnight storms can be particularly dangerous because we lose our natural ability to look out the window and see what`s going on," said Andy Ervin, Senior Meteorologist with NWS. "Sure, we can see lightning. But if its a tornado, or strong winds or hail, those things you are not going to see until they are in your neighborhood. You need to be prepared before it's in your neighborhood."

At WQAD, the StormTrack 8 Weather Center is also watching the developments in the skies above us. Chief Meteorologist James Zahara says, when it comes to getting the warning out, every second counts.

"That's the big concern we have. The reaction time when the warnings sounded. Not just going by sirens because sometimes you can't rely on the sirens themselves," said Zahara.

The need to warn of dangerous storms also means some of your favorite TV programs could be interrupted at any time.

"We're not just jumping into programming because we want to jump into programming. We are doing this because we have a serious weather situation going on and we need to let our viewers know what is taking place. Where it is, how its tracking and who's going to be impacted."

But even the weather professionals say the most important step taken during severe weather, could be the one you take at home.

"Whether you're getting that warning from Channel 8 or the Weather radio, you'll need to take action and change what you're doing to protect yourself," said Ervin.

Having a plan, knowing where to go and when to go there could be your key to survival in the most extreme cases.

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