Whitey’s Chipper ice-cream sandwich takes first at the National Dairy Expo

The Chipper received a score of 99.99% in the category, giving them a nearly perfect score.

MADISON, Wisconsin--Now there's proof that the Quad Cities favorite, Whitey's Ice Cream, can stand up to any ice cream shop in the nation, especially when it comes to ice cream sandwiches.

This weekend, the Chipper took first place at the World Dairy Expo in the ice cream sandwich category in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Chipper is an ice cream sandwich, a heaping scoop of Whitey's ice cream smashed between two homemade cookies.

Right now, they come in three flavors. The original is chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chip ice cream. There's a Mint Chipper, with mint chocolate chip ice cream between two chocolate cookies, and then there's the fall favorite, the Harvest Chipper, two spice cookies with pumpkin ice cream.

Whitey's employees say their sandwich sticks out because each one is unique.

"It`s a pretty big deal when you are in the dairy industry. It`s not something everyone here is about, but obviously for ice cream makers, we tend to take it pretty seriously, and it`s pretty exciting," says Whitey's Director of Marketing Annika Tunberg.

The Chipper received a score of 99.99% in the category, landing them a nearly perfect score.