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West Liberty Police help man pull off surprise proposal

This is actually the second proposal Chief Kinmouth helped with.
West Liberty Proposal

WEST LIBERTY, Iowa -- An Iowa man pulled off the perfect proposal with some help from the West Liberty Police Department.

On Sunday, January 7, Yamilette Valle walked outside a family party to find her boyfriend, Jose Maldonado, on his knees. Police Chief Kary Kinmonth was behind Maldonado, ordering him to stay on the ground and apparently preparing to arrest him.

"We had it set up where I ordered him down to his knees, and I cuffed him, or pretended to cuff him," said Chief Kinmonth.

While pretending to handcuff Maldonado, Chief Kinmonth secretly handed him a ring.

Valle, though, believed the whole act was real, and soon broke down in tears.

"I wanted to kill him," Valle laughed afterward.

"But at the end, she said yes, so that's all that really mattered, you know? It's gonna be a day to remember, that's for sure," said Maldonado.

It's not the first time Chief Kinmonth has helped with a proposal. He said he's been involved with at least three others, as well as several promposals.

"He was all nervous, really nervous about it. And I said, 'Well, she's gonna say yes, right?' Because, you know, I've been successful so far. I don't want to lose my mojo on this," laughed Kinmonth.

The newly-engaged couple hasn't yet set a date for their wedding, but Chief Kinmonth said he plans to attend.

You can see the full proposal on the West Liberty Police Department's Facebook page by clicking here.