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Tips to protect your home deliveries from being stolen

Tips to protect packages from being stolen from your front door.

BETTENDORF, Iowa - During this time of year you see a lot of packages on porches when driving through neighborhoods, which can be targets for thieves.

"Once they see a truck, they may just sit back and follow that truck for a while and if they see it deliver a package, right after that happens and if they drive off, they may come and pick the package up," said Captain Keith Kimball, Bettendorf Police Department.

There are ways you can protect the items you order.

"Request the package just to be delivered to the terminal and have it held there and then go pick it up after, at your convenience," said Kimball.

You can also ask a neighbor to help keep an eye on your doorstep if you expect a delivery.

If your workplace allows it, you can have your packaged delivered there.

Tracking your package online or having it delivered to the store you bought at are other ways to make sure they're safe.

Having a web camera may not prevent a package from being stolen but it can help catch a thief.