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Walk program aims to increase physical activity in local communities with help from furry friends

Doctors and Veterinarians invite patients for a walk in the park.

Doctors and Veterinarians are inviting patients and community members for a walk in the park with some furry friends.

Walk with a Doc is  an nationwide initiative to promote healthy living in both humans and pets.

"We have have a little health topic talk and then we do a walk. We have a 3 mile course set up and with our partnership we invite both humans and dogs so we promote both human and animal companion health," says Family Physician, Cheryl True.

"Everyone that comes out always has a good time. It's been good for the pets because they can get out and get some exercise as well," says Veterinarian Kathy Vanbuer.

True says a formed partnership between the National Recreation and Park Association and Walk with a Doc will give Quad City residents an new opportunity to get active and fit.

Davenport is one of eight cities to participate in the initiative that also aims to increase physical activity in communities through local parks and recreation.