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SUV smashes into Davenport home, wakes couple up from Sunday snooze

A homeowner says he was woken up from a nap by an SUV smashing into the side of his home.

Update: Davenport Police say a 16-year-old girl has been cited in this crash.

She was cited for Careless Driving, Stop Sign Violation and Failure to Maintain Control of Vehicle.

Police also said two people in the vehicle were treated at Genesis Hospitals for minor injuries.

Original Post:

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- A Davenport couple experienced a rude awakening when a black SUV smashed into their brick home on Sunday, July 21 at around 2:00 p.m.

The home is located at the intersection of Elsie Avenue and 17th Street in Davenport.

It's next to the West Family YMCA and Davenport West High School.

Officials say nobody was seriously hurt, but the homeowner suspects tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of damage.

"I was actually taking a nap in my recliner, and my wife was napping on the couch," said Wendell Edwards, homeowner. "We felt a shake in the house and then saw smoke coming from all different directions outside and stuck out heads out the door to see what was going on."

Edwards said he originally thought something had exploded outside. He did not immediately realize his house had been hit by a vehicle.

The home's garage door was destroyed and brick was thrown all around the vehicle and into the front yard.

"We knew it was just a matter of time," said Edwards.

Edwards and several other neighbors at the scene say speeding has been a concern in their neighborhood for many years.

Edwards said he has contacted city leaders about his concerns, but he said very little has ever been done to enforce driving near his home.

Davenport Police have not yet released any information about the driver of the SUV. It is unknown what caused the crash.

A crime scene investigator was on the scene on July 21 after the accident occurred.

The Davenport Fire Department also responded to the accident.

It is unclear if any tickets or citations were given to the driver.