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Two sisters continue to grow with donations for foster kids

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois– Closet2Closet in Rock Island isn’t your typical clothing store. The entire inventory, goes to kids in the foster system. “Mos...

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- Closet2Closet in Rock Island isn't your typical clothing store. The entire inventory, goes to kids in the foster system.

“Most of the clothes I would receive often weren't really like my style, or they were too big for me or my pants were always too short,” said Amber Haskill, store founder.

Amber  Haskill is a senior at Rock Island High School. Her time in foster care is what gave her the idea to start Closet2Closet with her sister Amy.

“It would have been nice to have something like this,” said Amber.

At first it started with simply wanting to help her other siblings still in foster care.

“I was amazed. I said that's a really good idea especially knowing our experience,” said Amy Haskill.

Together they've grown to this, a new permanent location filled with thousands of donations.

“When you take some from it and it still looks like it hasn't gone down yet and it's still there, so I love that people are actually helping towards I actually have a passion for,” said Amber.

Clothes get packed up and sent out in 'care packages' with individual style in mind.

“The child fills out a request form and this will tell us their size, what they like to wear, if they like hoodies if they like elastic waists,” said Amber. Doing what they can to make foster care a little easier.

“They know that I know what they are going through, so it's nice to know that I'm actually helping a child that's going through the same thing that I once went through,” said Amber.

Closet2Closet always welcomes donations of any kind. They have boys and girls clothings, shoes, etc. Their next goal is to get foster kids inside their store to shop for their own clothes.

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