Top 10 WORST Christmas candies

]Last year, the National Confectioners Association forecasted $1.93 Billion. With the National Retail Federation predicting that 2018 Holiday spending will rise...

So we know the best Christmas candies, but have you ever wondered what candies we all hate?

A new study by candystore.com helps us to definitively say what we all consider the worst of the worst.

Estimates put total candy sales at 2-billion this year alone, it seems Christmas candy is more popular than ever.

A recent survey of over 13,000 people decided these 10 worst Holiday candies.


“There were a range of different candies mentioned. Since we had enough data, we narrowed it down into the top ten WORST Christmas candies.”-Clair Robins

It may not have cracked the top 10 but the popularity of number 11 earns it a mention

sideways candy cane


It’s one of the bestsellers of the holiday season and a large part of the general holiday theme everywhere in December, but people still have complaints.

“Flavor = good. Inevitable sharpening into a dangerous stabbing weapon = bad.”

“Canes are for old people.”

“I use them as decoration, but not to eat”