Thousands participate in Bix 7; cool weather for runners

Fair weather and low temperatures made for a great 39th annual Bix 7 for thousands of racers in Davenport.
Bix 7 2013, WQAD Photo

The 39th Annual Bix 7 saw thousands of runners battle up Brady Street in Davenport finishing in a few different Bix races.

The overall winner of the Bix 7 on Saturday, July 27, 2013 was Leonard Korir from Kenya, who finished the run in 32:14. Korir said the win was good motivation for the future and he was happy to beat the defending champion.

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“I said to myself, I think I might beat this guy,” he told News 8. “I told myself, today was my day.”

The overall winner for the females was Sule Utura from Ethiopia, who finished at 36:34. Utura described the course as heavy, with all the ups and downs, but said that the conditions were nice.

Race day morning saw fair skies and 56-degrees just before the start at 8 a.m.

10,670 runners finished the Bix 7, and 1,863 runners elected to run the two-mile Quick Bix.

Nick Hird, from Naperville, Illinois finished first in the Quick Bix at 9:56. The overall female Quick Bix finisher was Adriana Kammerer, who ran the course in 12:39.

Each year at the event, Rhythm City Casino holds a Race For The Jackpot event within the Bix. One registrant is picked at random and is given them the chance to beat the overall Bix 7 winner.

Here’s how it works- the selected person will be given a head start, 2-3 miles or more, whatever is necessary to make the race competitive. If Rhythm City’s selected person beats the “first place world class runners” to the finish, he or she will win the $2,500 jackpot.

The 2013 Jackpot runner who accepted the challenge and won the prize money was Brock Detoye from Davenport.

“It was a struggle getting up to this point,” Detoye said. “Nerves were playing a big factor, strategy out the window, and just rocked it.”

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The Bix Street Fest continues through Saturday evening with family activities, food, vendors, and entertainment.