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Third vaping-related death reported in Indiana, after possible link found between vaping and serious lung illnesses

A third vaping-related death has been confirmed in Indiana, after researchers find a possible link between vaping and serious lung illnesses.

(CNN) -- A third vaping-related, severe lung injury death has been confirmed in Indiana by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on September 06, 2019.

The report comes the same day as New York health officials announce their investigation between vaping and serious lung illnesses. 

New York's Department of Health's Wadsworth Center in Albany found "very high levels" of vitamin E acetate in vaping products containing cannabis, the state health department announced.

The department noted that vitamin E acetate is not known to cause harm when ingested as a vitamin supplement or applied to the skin, but the department continues to investigate its health effects when inhaled because its oil-like properties could be associated with the symptoms seen in the lung illness cases.

The Iowa Department of Public Health reports that as of September 06, 2019, there are eight cases of serious lung injuries related to vaping. Seven of those cases reported vaping THC.

In Illinois, there are 42 cases of vaping-related injuries. The department did not clarify how many may be related to using vapes containing cannabis.

The CDC says there is not one device or chemical linked to every case. A majority of patients are men, under the age of 35.

The patients reported using vaping products with either THC, nicotine or both at least three months before getting sick.

"We like to educate people that you should never put anything into your body when you don't know what it is," says Janet Hill with Rock Island County Health Department. "We're beginning to understand just how dangerous vaping products can be."

There are currently at least 450 possible cases of severe lung disease caused by vaping across 33 states and one jurisdiction.

A possible fourth death is being investigated, but CDC officials did not identify the state where it occurred.

The first death was announced on August 23, 2019 in Illinois. The closest serious lung injury case in the Quad Cities was reported in Henry County.