The Great American River Road Trip stops in Davenport to help promote small businesses

“It really gives consumers an opportunity to meet somebody that’s living the ‘American Dream’, someone that started a business from the ...

DAVENPORT - Driving down Harrison Street you'll see a sign for The Brewed Book and inside you'll smell the coffee being brewed.

However, it's the books on the shelves that the owner and his son both love that made them want to open shop.

"I've read my whole life and really consider myself an avid reader," said Tony Fuhs, Brewed Book Owner.

The Brewed Book has only been open for a few months and Tony says it's been a learning curve.

"Everybody's willing to share their own experiences in their business in the area and any efforts they made to improve," said Fuhs.

The Independent We Stand team is making its way along the Mississippi for the Great American River Road Trip.

They are working to promote small businesses by giving business owners like Tony a chance to share his story.

"It really gives consumers an opportunity to meet somebody that's living the 'American Dream', someone that started a business from the ground up," said Bill Brunelle, Independent We Stand Co-Founder.

According to the organization, between two and four times more money recirculates in the local community when people shop at small businesses.

The Brewed Book says they've seen support from the Hilltop Community.

"A lot of support in getting it done, in some cases just money through various programs," said Fuhs.

For Tony, he's still got a lot more he wants to do with his business.

"They come in and I say we're a work in progress, putting books on the shelf and they don't care," said Fuhs.

However he's thankful for a community that cares about small businesses.