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Tesla drummer pays a visit to QC music students before performing in front of thousands

Tesla drummer pays a visit to the QC Rock Academy and teaches students a valuable lesson of simply “showing up”.

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Troy Luccketta, the drummer for Tesla, will perform in front of thousands Friday night at the Mississippi Valley Fair. But before then some local Quad City students had the chance to hang out with the famous drummer.

Luccketta made a stop at the QC Rock Academy and talked to over a dozen students about his career, tours, and even jammed out with the participants.

The drummer started a program for students last September called "Troy Shows Up", which teaches people the key to success is simply showing up - a lesson he learned after dealing with substance abuse.  Luccketta has been sober for 26 years and continues to spread his message of persistence.

"I`ve turned my overcoming addiction into overcoming adversity," Luccketta says. "The kids have so much going on with social media, teenage suicide, and all the real issues at hand.  And all the issues I think are so much bigger and I believe it all stems from people-pleasing and just saying yes when we should say no."