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Tammy Loos was celebrating birthday with fiancé when stolen car killed her, friends say

“Tammy was on the brink of probably the best time of her life,” says Lynne Bullock, another friend of Tammy’s.She was looking forward  to her ...

MOLINE-- 51-year-old Tammy Loos of Milan died of blunt force trauma to the chest and stomach, that's according to the Rock Island County Coroner. Police say it happened after her car was hit by a stolen car driving recklessly at John Deere Road and 16th Street in Moline on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

Tammy leaves behind three children, a fiancé and friends. Two friends spoke exclusively with WQAD Channel 8, and they say Tammy had so much to look forward to before her life was taken.

That red van, that crinkled gray car, police say three people were arrested, one in the hospital, and one didn't make it.

"They purposely stole that van, they purposely ran that light, they hit them and killed her. Pay for it," says Aundrea Blum, she was friends with Tammy.

Tammy Loos had just turned 51, and she was out celebrating her birthday. She had just met the love of her life. They just got engaged in December.

"Tammy was on the brink of probably the best time of her life," says Lynne Bullock, another friend of Tammy's.

She was looking forward  to her future until she was hit and killed.

"I completely lost it. I was on the floor screaming because there's nobody this should happen to, especially not her, not on her birthday," says Bullock.

After a night celebrating, the happy couple was off to get ice cream when police say that van with three people inside driving recklessly, ran a red light and t-boned the car with Tammy and her soon to be husband inside.The car that hit her was reported stolen.

"This is rampant. There's no control over it. They get their hands slapped, then they steal another car in two days," says Bullock.

The friends Tammy left behind want justice.

"These people are charged with vehicular man slaughter. That isn't anything. Should be first degree murder," says Bullock.

They want the people to pay for taking away their dear friend's future.

"She brightened up a room with her smile, always up beat and positive, and everybody who knows her is going to miss her really bad," says Bullock.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help with the SUV driver's recovery.

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