Summer celebration inspires year-round learning for Quad City kids

“It helps you learn more during the school year,” said Ava Christian, 10. “It helps you focus more.”
National Summer Learning Day

MOLINE, Illinois -- Strike up the band inside the TaxSlayer Center on Thursday, July 12.  That's where hundreds of local kids are getting pumped up.  They're celebrating National Summer Learning Day.

"It's really fun," said Ava Christian, 10, an incoming fifth grader from Moline.  "I'm glad to be here."

Spring Forward Learning Center is hosting these hands-on activities.  Kids move from station to station for mini lessons.  It tackles science, technology, engineering and math - the STEM subjects.

"This is just another experience we can provide our kids over the summer," said Dan McNeil, Spring Forward Learning Center.  "They're actively engaged with activities from libraries, museums and other non-profits."

There's everything from a parachute to cup stacking.  If kids are active and learning during the summer, they'll be ready when classes start.

"It helps you learn more during the school year," Christian said.  "It helps you focus more."

Volunteers from Deere & Company and other sites are guiding the fun.  There are some interesting experiments underway for summer learning.

"It gives them a little taste of what's to come and helps them prepare for the future," said volunteer Austin Keen.

It's also a celebration about motivation, and it's a way to keep learning going on all summer long.

The session even includes a snake from Niabi Zoo.  For kids, it's crowd-pleasing learning.

"I feel happy that we're enjoying the activities and different stuff," said Audelia Gonzalez, 10.

Lots of stuff in the summer that's going to make learning great all year.