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Fitness enthusiasts share their secrets to sticking with your new year’s resolutions

Start setting a few goals, meeting them and adding new ones.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- Just a few hours into 2019, dozens of people were already getting in their first workout of the new year at Top Shape Gym in Rock Island.

"Good way to start my new year is right here," Sundra Driscoll says.

She's been working out for more than 30 years. And she had plenty of tips for anyone looking to start working out this year

"You just have to stay with it. I believe it is the secret to staying young. And who doesn't want to stay young," she says.

Driscoll recommends getting a trainer to set you on the right path. They can show you how to use different machines or perform workouts properly without getting injured.

"Don't just come in and try to follow what somebody else is doing," she says.

A workout partner is a great way to be accountable, Driscoll says.

"Get a partner and that can really help boost your guilt to get here," the 58-year-old says, "because it is hard to do it alone when you first come in the gym. You feel kind of intimidated."

Driscoll says her goal this year is to be the best she can after turning 59.

"It's not about stronger when you get older. It's about consistency," she says.

And that's what Nora Noriega says is key to her success: consistency. She just started lifting weights five months ago. She's already lost 20 pounds.

"It's become a way of life," she says. "The only way to do that is to stay committed and stick with it."

But starting out wasn't always easy.

"Definitely getting (a workout time) set up with my work schedule and finding a time that would work consistently (was difficult)," Noriega says.

Now she plans out her meals for the week so she's not grabbing unhealthy foods on the run.

She says her work out buddies have also made her success possible.

"They're very knowledgeable and they're so positive and build each other up," the 51-year-old says.

Lionel Bassett, a Top Shape manager and trainer, says new people stepping into the gym often want to start doing everything right away. But he says it's important to start setting a few goals, meeting them and adding new ones.

The trainer also says it's important to stay on track even when you leave the gym, drinking more water and trying to fit in healthier foods like vegetables.