Spellious Martial Arts Center hosts self defense seminar

People learned how to defend themselves against attackers with guns and knives.

Spellious martial arts center hosted a self-defense seminar February 26th 2017.

People of all ages and levels were encouraged to learn the different defense techniques.

“A lot of us were never taught as a child how to punch or to block so even if you get that basic movement and that basic techniques you can stop some serious situations in your life, says Master Duane Spellious.

The center showed off a variety of styles from tae kwon do, and judo… to samurai arts and tai chi.

“So with Judo we have some self defense that we would use everyday which would be chokes, throwing somebody to the ground, harm bars.

Students were also shown how to defend themselves against attackers with guns, knives, and sticks.

The Spellious Martial Art Center is located in the SouthPark Mall. People attending for the first time get a free class.