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Some local businesses see a chance for revitalization after Kraft Heinz factory demolition

The plant is currently up for sale.

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Production is winding down at the Kraft Heinz factory along the Davenport riverfront. Right now, the plan is to have is demolished by 2021, according to the City of Davenport Economic Development.

Some local business owners say it's a chance to revitalize the Western Davenport neighborhood.

"Anything that's going to bring traffic down here that's going to benefit the business I would like to see," says Devin Jackson, owner of DJay's Fashion on 3rd Street.

Jackson says a strip mall could attract more people as well as new businesses and services to the area.

Another business owner just down the street says they need a superstore.

Stephen Edwards, owner of Stunning's Boxing Club, says the closest Walmart is still too far for some people who don't have reliable transportation.

"I know Walmart is hard for some of these youngsters (who box at the club) or some of their parents to get transportation or have the time to go up there," Edwards says. "I just want something that's productive, like a Walmart or a Kmart, something nice to have."

Under the current plan, the Kraft Heinz plant would begin demolition this coming spring and wrap-up within the next year. Davenport Economic Development says that plan could change if Kraft Heinz present an alternative plan. The plant is currently up for sale.