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Sherrard grieves and honors the lives of four students in the school district

Sherrard community members plan to wear blue on Monday, April 1 in honor of the five victims of the mobile home fire on March 27.
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Sherrard school officials and counselors are working to find ways to help a grieving school district.

As they grieve, Sherrard community members are planning to wear blue on Monday, April 1 to honor the fire victims, as announced on the Sherrard Elementary School’s Facebook page.

Click here for information on an upcoming benefit to help victims’ families.

According to the Sherrard Superintendent, crisis plans were reviewed on Sunday by Sherrard administrators and counselors to help children cope with the loss of their classmates.

Richard Hutchison, a local psychologist in Moline says there are signs that parents need to watch for, “If they are bed wetting, really young kids tend to go in circles, when they are confused and anxious, worried about things, a change in appetite, sleeping habits, all those things.”

The Superintendent said they will be using the school district’s website to keep parents and the community updated on visitations and funeral plans.