Seniors from Illinois retirement community go to ‘Selfie School’ to get in the social media game

The goal was to help bridge the gap between seniors and social media – is this the solution? Do you have a better one?

BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. — Millennials made the selfie ubiquitous, but now Gram and Gramps are getting into the game thanks to a "Selfie School" for seniors.

Sure, they may be a few years behind the trend, but don't count them out. Residents at the Greenfield of Geneva Retirement Community recently headed out to a selfie studio in Stratford Square to get hip with the kids.

"We really wanted to bridge that gap between seniors and social media," ClubPhotoBooth Selfie Studio owner Joe O'Connell said.

For nearly two hours, the seniors learned how to shoot selfies with their smartphones while posing in front of colorful and eclectic backdrops.

"It's been fun," Donna Sharpe said. "I don't do selfies so I wasn't sure what to expect."

They will never be the most prolific selfie creators, but with their sensible shoes and unrehearsed grins they stand out for their genuine looks.

"I liked it, but I would like to think I'm better looking than what came out in my pictures," laughs Kathleen Dix.