‘Seeing eye camel’ acts as guide for blind horse

The camel was looking for companion ship and the horse needed a lookout.

WINSLOW, Maine — A camel at a Maine petting zoo only has eyes for his buddy Dolly.

The 5-year-old camel named Caesar has become a seeing guide for Dolley the horse, who is blind. The duo first met at the Pony X-Press Zoo in Winslow, Maine, according to WGME.

Dolly is likely the only horse with a “seeing eye camel,” Ed Papsis of the zoo told WGME.

Papsis said the camel was looking for a companion and the horse needed assistance. When the two animals were placed together at the zoo, they immediately bonded.

Dolly apparently whines for Caesar when he’s in a different area. He responds by bellowing back to her, Papsis told the reporter.