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Second “Logan’s Little Library” location opens in Alpha

There’s a new little green box next to the gazebo off Main Street stocked full of books

ALPHA, Illinois-- It was a busy morning Saturday, May 11 in Alpha, Illinois. Five-year-old Logan Brinson asks his mom if he can practice cutting with scissors one more time. He's getting ready to cut the ribbon for his brand new little library.

This isn't the first little library Logan has started. The first one popped up on his lawn late last year.

"In august of last year, we put up Logan's first library," Logan's dad Brandon Brinson says. "When we moved here in July of 2017, we were looking for a library in town to take Logan to. We have one in Woodhull,  but we wanted one where the kids could ride their bikes down and check out a book. and that's how Logan's Little Library was born."

After countless TV and newspaper interviews, Logan's little project has gotten national attention.

"It's been so overwhelming with the response that we've received about Logan's Little Library," mom Leigh Brinson says. "We never would've imagined a little green newspaper box in our front yard would open up the world and their generosity."

The Brinsons have received thousands of books from all over the world, or as Logan tells it, from lots of different planets like Egypt.

"It's awesome," he says. "We had another one in the backyard and then we made it."

The little green box next to the gazebo off Main Street is stocked full of books, although it's already a few short as several children walked away with a good read Saturday.

And Logan's Little Library isn't done expanding. He's already set-up an end-cap in AlWood Pharmacy in town with lots of books for kids to read. And another little library is in the works for the Village of Rio, Illinois.