Scott county patrol swear in new deputy sheriff

Bradley Rubino achieves life goal of becoming a Scott County Sheriff Deputy.

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Since high school, Bradley Rubino knew he wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement.

And today February 13th Bradley Rubino his life long goal came true.

"This is you know a huge goal of mine to become a Deputy Sheriff of Scott County Sheriff's office, I got the whole county and I'm really excited for it," says Rubino.

His family and friends gathered around him in the sheriffs conference room to support of his accomplishments.

Rubino graduated from Western Illinois with a degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration.

After graduation he began his career in law enforcement as a correctional officer for the Scott County Sheriff's Office in May of 2016.

In June Rubino was sworn in as a Reserve Deputy for the sheriffs office.