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Scott County auditor weighs in on newest Davenport City Council vacancy

Moritz announced today that she is in support of appointing a temporary person to fill the 6th ward vacancy.
Roxanna Moritz

DAVENPORT — Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz announced today that she is in support of appointing a temporary alderman to fill the soon-to-be vacant alderman position in the 6th ward of Davenport City Council.

Current Alderman Jeff Justin will attend his last meeting July 5 before relocating to Florida.

“Most people know I don’t advocate for appointments, I am a strong believer in the process of someone being able to go to the polls and vote for their fair representation by casting a vote,” said Moritz, “I am supporting an appointment process at this time.”

According to Moritz, the 6th ward can’t afford to wait out a complicated special election because of new developments, like the new Costco being built on 53rd St., needing the appropriate representation.

“There is a huge development happening in the 6th ward and not having fair representation on the council could possibly damage relationships,” said Moritz.

However, whoever fills the vacancy must agree to not run for the job in the next election.

“I am concerned about the opportunity of someone who is seriously interested in running for the seat that they understand they could be running, win, and then be in a primary a week later and then running again for the general election,” said Moritz.

Moritz is hopeful that the council could find someone who has represented the ward before and is willing to step in for two months before heading into the election.

Whoever wins the election in November would be seated at the City Council for the first council meeting on November 15.