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Davenport Save-A-Lot closing, inconveniencing area residents

“I was so angry, I was upset, I know there’s other options of stores to go to but this ones got convenience and the prices our reasonable and you ju...

DAVENPORT - It's a neighborhood grocery store where "the employees are so sweet," said shopper Kathy Cole.

That community feeling will be gone when the doors close at Save-A-Lot on the west end of downtown Davenport, next to the Kraft Heinz plant.

"I was so angry. I know there's other stores to go to, but this one's convenient, the prices are reasonable, and you just get along with everybody in the store," said Cole.

It's not known why the store is closing. The owners couldn't be reached for comment but employees say the store has been sold.

"It's not good for anybody in that neighborhood in particular. I'm sure that everyone's going to be frustrated having to travel further to get groceries," said Kyle Carter, Executive Director of the Downtown Davenport Partnership.

The closest grocery store is nearly two miles away. Neighbors worry about the many people who walk to Save-A-Lot to shop.

"How are they gonna get to the store to feed their kids, to get groceries?" asked Cole.

The executive director of the Downtown Davenport Partnership says it could spark a new opportunity.

"The downtown core, we're looking for a grocery store of our own, the only silver lining is that this helps a potential grocer see the market as an even larger one," said Carter.

But for the people in the neighborhood, it's not easy knowing the staple store of the community will be gone.

Employees say they are unsure of exactly when the store will close.