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Runners power through messy tracks for Governor’s European Cross Country Run

Chilly weather, snowy ground, and dirty tracks couldn’t these long-distance runners on Saturday.

Chilly weather, snowy ground, and dirty tracks couldn't these long-distance runners on Saturday.

Scout County Park, just north of Davenport, was the site of the thirty-first annual Governor's European Cross Country Run of Saturday, Nov. 2.

Prospective runners had the choice of a 2 mile course or a more grueling event lasting nearly 6 miles.

They also aren't your typical running courses. Runers had to trek through hills, woods, water, mud, and the faint remains of snow on their way to the finish line. Race Director Joe Janz described how the harsher conditions affected the race, saying, "We just had some snow a couple of days ago, which is obviously affecting the course. There's water all over the place, like I said, it's really muddy out there so we should get some pretty coated people coming across the finish line this year."

At the end, several awards were given away, including Fastest Time, Best costume, Youngest participant, and an award for Most Mud, coming with a complementary bucket of laundry detergent.