Rock River returns to major flood stage by Thursday

Backwater from the swollen Mississippi River is now causing the Rock River to rise. Here’s when it will reach major flood stage.

The swollen Mississippi River is now threatening to send the Rock River back into major flood stage by Thursday morning for parts of the Quad Cities, including Moline.


Heavy rain that is currently working into the Rock River will run into high water levels on the Mississippi acting as a barrier of sorts preventing the Rock River from emptying more rapidly. This will create higher levels on the Rock River stretching from Moline to Joslin and even Como in parts of Whiteside County. Doppler Radar estimates as much as one to two inches of rain has fallen in parts of the area where the Rock River resides.


The largest risk is expected at the Rock River in Joslin where it will reach moderate flood stage by Thursday morning. The river there will rise another foot and a half. Further to the north in Como, only a modest rise in river levels is expected with the river remaining in the action stage. In Moline, the Rock River will rise into major flood stage by Thursday morning with a little less than a foot rise expected.  The Rock River in Moline is expected to return back below flood stage by Monday evening.

The fall from these crests will be much slower compared to previous crests until the Mississippi River levels can recede some.

Another active pattern is set to resume early next week that could bring even more heavy rainfall to the region and result in renewed flooding potential by the Tuesday/Wednesday timeframe.

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke

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