Rock Island looks to add streetlights to help reduce crime

“Anything that can shed light on what’s happening tends to deter crime. And I do think that’s important to make our residents feel safe,”

ROCK ISLAND-- We know these neighbors in the Broadway District take pride in their block. We also know they have more in common than their street addresses. They want to see more of the street so they can feel safer.

"I think it makes you feel more safe at night, more welcoming neighborhoods make people feel more secure," says neighbor Daryl Empen.

In the entire two blocks of homes on Rock Island's 22nd Street, this one light is all there is to chase away the darkness around the majority of homes.

"People say my street's really dark. Let's find a way to fix that," says neighbor Dylan Parker.

Rock Island city leaders say they hear residents loud and clear. They may add lights to this block and about a dozen more poorly lit neighborhoods in the city.

"Anything that can shed light on what's happening tends to deter crime. And I do think that's important to make our residents feel safe," says Rock Island Alderman Kate Hotle.

But right now, once the sun goes down, this little light is all this neighborhood has.

Rock Island leaders now have the problem spots mapped out. Now they are looking into a feasible way of illuminating those streets. They are also considering adding LED lights in the future to become more energy efficient.