Rock Island High School class of 1947 celebrates 70th year reunion

RI High School alumni met today for their 70th year high school reunion

MOLINE-- A lot can change after graduating high school especially after 70 years.

"If I went back today, it's probably changed a lot," says Rock Island High School Class President of 1947, Arthur Whalen.

But one thing that does stay the same are the memories. Those memories were shared during Rock Island High School's 70th year class reunion on September 16.

"It's so great to see that so many of us have survived this long," says Whalen.

Whalen and about 20 of his classmates looked back on their days as teenagers.

"We all know each other pretty well," says Class of '47 alumni, Don Griffin.

Remembering the time their sports teams made them proud.

"Track and basketball were always the big sports at rocky high," says Whalen.

They also acknowledge those who couldn't be there from the class of a little over 300 students.

"(We talk about) old times, what we did when we were in high school, and how many people we miss," says Griffin.

And as they gathered reminiscing old times, they look forward to the next reunion.

They usually plan to meet every 5 years but have decided to meet every year now.