Rock Island family tackles massive tree on their roof

The tree ripped out of the ground and fell onto two roofs

ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS  --  Severe storms across the Quad City area this week ripped a massive tree out of the ground, sending it tumbling onto the roofs of two homes.

Neighbor Sharon Camp heard the crash, saying she couldn't believe what she saw.

"We peaked out, being Midwesterners, and saw that it was a tree," Camp said. "The trees were still blowing really hard, so it was pretty scary at first."

The majority of the tree fell onto Todd Sebben's mother's house. Sebben said his mom was inside at the time and didn't even hear the crash. He went on to say that his mother has lived there for around 40 years and never had damage like this.

"When I got the call last night, I knew it was going to be something," Sebben said. "I was pretty surprised."

Sebben called his uncle, Marty Calhoun, who owns a tree service company, Marty's Tree Service.

"The hard part starts because there are pressure points," Calhoun said. "We have to try and make sure that we don't put more damage on the house."

Calhoun said a tree this size would be a day-long project, to make sure no bricks on the house break.

"Right now, there is a leak in the bedroom," Sebben said. " Obviously from the roof somewhere, but there's no damage we can see upstairs at the moment. Water is coming in somewhere."

They say they're happy the damage isn't worse and that everyone is safe.