Rock Island County Sheriff Bustos announces re-election bid

Bustos announces his re-election bid today at the Rock Island County Justice Center.

ROCK ISLAND– Sheriff Gerry Bustos is running for re-election for the year 2018.

He announced his bid on June 22nd.

Bustos has served more than 30 years at the Rock Island County Sheriff’s office.

He took over office back in September 2014, after previous Sheriff Jeff Boyd resigned due to an investigation leading to a cyber-stalking charges. 

Bustos says he hopes to run a professional campaign and keep politics out of the race.

“It’s about public service, it’s about law and order, not the political aspect of it. Again make no mistake I am a Democrat but that’s not how  run my office… I serve everyone in Rock Island,” says Bustos.

Bustos kicked off his campaign with a fundraiser at the Kavanaugh’s Hilltop Tavern.