Rock Island County may consider a call to protect gun rights

A citizens group may ask Rock Island County to become a “Second Amendment Sanctuary”.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Rock Island County may join a growing list of Illinois counties that have become "Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties".

The effort started in April of 2018 after lawmakers in Effingham County passed a resolution not to enforce state laws that would "unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment."

Since then, other counties have followed suit including Mercer, Henry, McDonough, Stark, Henderson, and LaSalle.

Rock Island County Board member and County Republican Chairman Drue Mielke said a citizens group has come to him with a request to present similar legislation.

He says the group may put it on the ballot in 2020 as an advisory referendum if the Board doesn't approve the measure.

"This referendum directs county employees not to enforce those laws that are deemed unconstitutional, that are, at the state level, being passed right now," said Mielke.

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In January of 2019, Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed new legislation requiring firearm stores to get state licenses which cost a maximum $1500.  Gun manufacturers, gun dealers, and the Illinois State Rifle Association have filed suit to stop it.

Mielke, who appeared on "This Week with Jim Mertens", says the Governor and Illinois Democrats are going too far with its gun legislation.

"I guess passing more laws is what some people think is the answer to our gun problem," said Mielke.

"We have a gun problem, I don't think anyone is saying we don't.  But at the same time, the Second Amendment is a very important right."