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River cleanup underway after Savanna-Sabula implosion

Cleanup form the implosion is expected to finish sometime in May.

SAVANNA, Illinois-- Although the Savanna-Sabula bridge was imploded last week, pieces of the bridge still remain in the water.

IDOT crews have been working all week since the implosion to remove the debris from the river. Their work has been drawing attention from locals.

"I see people here everyday there’s some regulars here all the time come and walk their dogs and watch the bridge," said Irve Shrake, Savanna resident.

Shrake says since the explosion, he's spent almost every morning watching crews pull out large chunks of metal from the river, excited for what's next after the construction and cleanup is complete.

"I like what we got now that’s pretty nice that’s a much nicer looking bridge wider and nicer all the way around," said Shrake.

According to IDOT official Guy Tridgell,  the main parts of the bridge were cleared  from the main channel a few days after the implosion so barge traffic could get through.

Crews will be using cranes to pull the remaining pieces from the water then placed on barges to be trucked to Chicago. Tridgell says the plan is to take the pieces to be salvaged.

The piers from the main truss and other parts supporting the structure will be taken down in the next couple of weeks.

Work is expected to be completed sometime in May, around the same time the new Savanna-Sabula Bridge is expected to open. Drivers are expected to use a detour using U.S 67 to IA 136 in the City of Clinton to IL 84. 

Mayor of the City of Savanna, Chris Lane, says the city is considering building a monument from the old bridge.




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