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River Action and City of Davenport seeking volunteers for Saturday tree planting

River Action and the City of Davenport is looking for your help to plant trees across the riverfront.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Organizations are looking for people to come out on the morning of Saturday, October 12th, to plant 25 trees on the riverfront.

River Action and the City of Davenport are spearheading the drive to help improve the environment. and create more shaded areas.

The groups are asking for volunteers to come out and help plant a diverse set of 25 trees from East Davenport to the downtown Freight House.

All necessary equipment will be provided. The planted is scheduled for Saturday, October 12th from 8 a.m. to noon. Volunteers are asked to meet at the parking lot to the left of Lindsay Park Yacht Club in the village of East Davenport.

You can register for the event at riveraction.org/volunteer. For more information, contact River Action’s Philip Tunnicliff by emailing ptunnicliff@riveraction.org or by calling 563-322-2969.