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Recent heavy rain hurts local farmers during harvest season

Farmers struggle in the midst of harvest season

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Emily Osborn has been helping her dad, John Crowley, with the family’s farm in Tipton, Iowa for the past couple years.  But this year took a turn.

Due to the recent rainfall, the farm lost a lot of crops at peak harvest time.  The flash floods have made these Iowa farmers pay more than they are earning.

Even some usual vendors at the Davenport Freight House Farmers Market decided to take a break.

Greg Beaman, the kettle corn vendor, decided to call it off this weekend.

“Popcorn and rain don’t go together too well,” says Beaman. “We decided to take a break and decided we’d wait for a sunnier day.”

Right now, the soil is soaked, making it almost impossible to harvest crops.

“It’s hard to get them out,” says Crowley. “You have to do a lot of picking in the rain.”

Crowley says the rain is hurting crops like peppers the most.

“If it’s raining we can’t get out there.  A lot of stuff it gets all muddy and sandy like our squash and then we have to wash it.  So, it just kind of takes an extra step,” explains Osborn.

The rain is hurting crops, as well as regular buyers.

“When you come to the farmers market you don’t have half the customers,” Crowley says. “Financially it hurts a lot.”

No matter the dent, these vegetable farmers can always be found at the market every Saturday and Sunday.

They know all too well Mother Nature will always be a farming factor.

“But you know what, next year we will probably do a lot better.  That’s just the way it works,” Crowley hopes.