RAGBRAI bicyclist suffers heart attack, firefighters and Iowa state trooper credited with saving rider’s life

RAGBRAI’s head medic reportedly told Iowa State Patrol that the bicyclist would not have survived the incident if an AED had not be readily available.

CENTERVILLE, Iowa -- A RAGBRAI rider survived a heart attack Wednesday after firefighters performed CPR and an Iowa State Trooper used an AED to shock the bicyclist's heart back to life.

Greg Abbey, 62 suffered a heart attack near Centerville Iowa, according to Iowa State Patrol Sgt. Nate Ludwig. Johnston Grimes Fire Department firefighters, Ty Wheeler and Ryan Wheeler, performed CPR on Abbey until Trooper Bob Conrad shocked his heart back into a normal rhythm.

After the incident Abbey was reportedly alert and speaking before being transported to a nearby hospital.

Ludwig said RAGBRAI's head medic told him Abbey would not have survived if the AED was not readily available.

Original reporting from WHO-TV.