Quad City International debuts new curbside assistance texting service

The mobile number is provided on posted sign boards along the sidewalk adjacent to the terminal entry doors.
Quad City Airport, photo from QC Airport website

MOLINE — The Quad City International Airport has unveiled a new service allowing anyone pulling up outside the airport to request curbside assistance with their luggage.

By simply texting the word “skycap” to 309-429-9684, an airport customer care associate will come and help with luggage curbside. Signs with that number – and instructions on how to use it – have been placed on signs along the sidewalk in front of the terminal.

Cathie Rochau, who handles marketing and public relations for the airport, says the new service will be especially helpful for people traveling alone, the elderly and others who may need additional service. While the airport has had skycap service for years, the texting option should speed up the process and help service representatives be more responsive.

The service will be available from about 4 a.m. to midnight daily, with some modifications based on flight schedules.

Skycaps, however, are not allowed to watch over luggage or possessions without the traveler present.

More information about the service can be found on the airport’s website here.