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Quad City family asking for help in locating dog that bit their child

Family is looking for dog that they said bit their son.

DAVENPORT - You can usually find 9-year-old Caleb Skinner shredding up the Davenport Skate Park a couple of times per week, but he's now sitting on the side lines.

"When we first got here I was like, 'dad check for any dogs,'" said Caleb Skinner.

On Sunday around 6 p.m. Caleb's dad said he was attacked by a dog.

"Dog came out here, jumped up and grabbed his arm right here and knocked him down," said Shawn Skinner.

Caleb was taken to the emergency room to get medical help.

"They gave him x-rays, they examined the wound, they cleaned it up, they said if we can find the animal in the next 48 hours or so and found out if the shots are up to date, we don't have to go through all the rabies vaccinations," said Shawn.

Shawn said the dog was on a leash but not being held by its owner, which is against Davenport city code.

"Davenport ordinances require that the dog be on a leash, except for specified conditions like being in your car, being in your home," said John Moeller, Attorney.

The Skinner's want to find the dog they said is believed to be a pit bull mix around 50 or 60 lbs, white, with brown patches.

They would also like to find the woman who owns it.

"She's about 5'6", reddish hair has multiple piercings on her face, tattoos on her arm she goes by the nickname 'Cupcake,'" said Shawn.

The family wants to find out if the dog has all of its shots so Caleb doesn't have to get a series of rabies shots and can get back on his board.