Quad City area barbers give back to local veterans

Veterans receive free haircuts from local QC barbers at QC Outreach Center.

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Every month the QC Veteran Outreach Center hosts a food pantry giveaway for veterans.

They give away food baskets, toiletries and a hot lunch.

This month the center offered free haircuts to veterans and their families.

Local barbers and beauticians offered their services as a way to show gratitude to veterans.

"There's a local beautician Cassie from blue grass, and we have barbers from Davenport and Grays Barber Shop have come in today giving free haircuts away to all the veterans and their families. It's their way of saying thank you," says QC center founder and organizer Lola Vandewalle.

Vandewalle says the haircut idea originated from the voices of the veterans themselves.

"Each month we listen to them and that was a big need," says Vandewalle.

The center also offered dress clothes for veterans to use for job interviews.

For next month's food pantry the center is offering free chiropractic care to veterans just make sure to bring any form of military ID.