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Quad Cities Mustang Club holds semi-annual car show

Dozens of Mustangs and Ford vehicles on display this morning

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Some fancy Fords were on display this morning at Dahl Ford along Kimberley Road.

The Quad Cities Mustang Club had it's second event of the year today.  The event has been going on for the past five years.

Bob Gesling, one of the club coordinators, looks back on his first Mustang back when he graduated high school in 1970.

"I had by eye on it for a few days and I finally went to go talk to the boss and we made a deal for that Mustang.  So I've had one ever since," Gesling remembers.

The show even had a remake of Steve McQueen's Bullitt.  This is the second remake ever made after the movie came out 50 years ago.