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Quad Cities covered in green for St. Patrick’s Day festivities

People across the Quad Cities come out for the 5K, Front Street Taproom, and parade festivities.

DAVENPORT, Iowa – The Quad Cities were covered in green today as people made their way out to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Days festivities.

The first event to kick off the celebration was the CASI 5K in downtown Davenport.

“Everybody’s so happy and everybody cheers you on – no negativity here,” says runner Angie Hodges.

But some other runners, like Jean Roeder, decided to go a different route for her costume and wore a blow-up bikini costume to walk in.

“The fun part was seeing all the people laugh and smile,” Roeder says. “I got a lot of high fives on the way out and you know it was just neat to see people smile and laugh even though it’s at me.”

Down toward the river, Front Street Taproom was already kicking off its St. Patty’s Day festivities early in the morning with Irish dancers and Irish food.

“All the green, everyone is always having a good time a everybody is all with their family,” says Nikki Ernst.

For Ernst, this year is extra special because she found out she is one percent Irish.

“My sister did a little ancestry and I’ve always loved this holiday, but this year we really are a little bit Irish,” Ernst says.

Whether you’ve got some Irish in your blood or just in your spirit, everyone is welcome at Loree Hansen and Donna Gardner’s table upon table buffet on the parade route.

“We decided to bring a cooler and sit on the curb the two of us,” remembers Hansen. “And now we have three fix-foot table of buffet.  We have a beverage of the year, we have a bead of the year and usually 75 to 100 people come and join us for the parade each year.”

They also expect this tradition to carry out in the future.

“This is Addie,” Hansen points out. “Addie is our next generation she comes from Waverly with her mom and dad and she’s our youngest member and it’s all going to be you sweetheart.”

But this year was another tradition of generation after generation dressed in green.