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QC pool players take home top honors at international tournament

A group from the Quad Cities who share a passion for pool have risen to the top.

A group from the Quad Cities who share a passion for pool have risen to the top.

The “You Got Action” team from the Quad Cities participated in the Valley National Eight-Ball Association’s international tournament on Saturday, July 27.

Sam Henderson, Justin Nichols, and Alex VerVynck, ages 12, 13 and 14, were the overall team title winners, taking home first for the VNEA International Jr. Championship.  They competed in a tournament for ages 12-15.  A team from New Zealand took second.

“I feel honored, happy to have the name world champion,” said Sam. “I feel like I made a lot of people happy, my sponsors and people from my hometown.”

Team captain Timmy Bly, age 20 and Kamron Fuller, age 15 took second place in the Scotch Doubles Major Division.  The two of them competed in the majors team division with 20-year-old AJ Howell and took fifth.  They later won the second chance tournament.

Henderson and Nichols took first in the Scotch Doubles Minor Division.

As far as individual titles, Nichols took 1st in the minors division, followed by Fuller in 3rd and Henderson in 4th.

“You Got Action” players won their first state tournament in Iowa in October of 2018.  That win launched them into the July international tournament.

Bly said the team practices throughout the week and appreciate the opportunity to practice with experienced players.

The next tournament they’ll compete in is in October at the River Center in Davenport.