QC mom spends 9/11 passing down our nation’s history

“If we don’t know our history, we cant make things better than they were.”

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL-- It was 17 years to the day when the first plane hit the World Trade Center in the September 11 terror attack.

Memorials were held across the country, including at the Rock Island Arsenal where they remembered those who lost their lives.

It's a crowd filled with those who remember exactly what they were doing.

"I was living in Oklahoma pregnant with my first child."

Military wife Amy Hook also recalls how she felt.

"I was scared where the world was going to, especially bringing my first child into it," says Hook.

Her second child, Rylee, was one of the youngest in the crowd at the Arsenal's remembrance ceremony on Tuesday. She has no memories of that day because she wasn't born yet.

17 years later in the Rock Island Arsenal, this mom has a tough lesson to teach.

"I know it can get scary, and it's sad. But she needs to understand those feelings, and she needs to understand what this day is all about," says Hook. "If I don't teach her or my other child, then how are they going to let their children know, and how are they going to pass that on? If we don't know our history, we cant make things better than they were."

And as the ceremony comes to a close, the lesson starts to sink in for Rylee.

Rylee knows she can't thank the ones who died, but now she'll never forget to thank the ones still here.