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Prosecutor: Accused killer shot his parents because he was sick of their rules

AR-15 was a gift from his parents

DAVENPORT- Prosecutors say a man accused of shooting his parents to death was fed up with their rules, and used an AR-15 they had bought him as a gift to kill them in their sleep.

Sean Freese, 21, is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of his parents, Kevin and Donna Freese last October.

"He was a man with a plan. He retrieved his semi-automatic AR-15, and shot his parents in the bedroom", said Assistant Scott County Attorney Andrea Glasgow on day one of the trial.

"He had enough of their rules, enough of the curfew", Glasgow told the jury in opening statements in Davenport on Tuesday.

She said the rifle was given to Freese by his parents as "an incentive to finish his high school diploma."

A police officer who was first on the scene testified he found "Sean on the steps outside crying" at the Freese's home.

Officer Jacob Pries says he entered the house, and found a rifle laying in the dining room, and went upstairs to the master bedroom.

Donna Freese was on the bed, her husband face down on the floor. Both were dead.

Prosecutors told the jury Freese went to McDonalds before he called 9-1-1.

His defense attorney, Joel Walker said it was during that time "he went out for a drive and found his parents dead. He called 9-1-1."

Walker told the jury it's a circumstantial case with "police moving too fast, and missing way too many facts."

He said Freese may have been "sick of his parents", but already had a plan to move out of the family home.

Prosecutors say they have recorded phone calls from the Scott County Jail just one day after the murders, where Freese tells a friend, "I f---ed up", that he had gotten into an argument with his parents and had planned on killing them and then himself.

"Half of that worked out," he reportedly says on the call, which was mentioned in opening statements, but not entered into evidence yet.

Testimony continues Wednesday morning.