Progress Report: How injured Clinton firefighter Adam Cain is doing

A firefighter that was injured in an explosion that killed one of his coworkers remains in the hospital, but doctors say he’s in critical but stable condi...
adam cain

CLINTON, Iowa — A firefighter that was injured in an explosion that killed one of his coworkers remains in the hospital, but doctors say he’s in critical but stable condition.

Adam Cain, age 23, remained in the hospital Tuesday, January 8.  He was injured Saturday while battling a fire at an ADM plant.  His coworker, Lt. Eric Hosette was killed that day. 

Here’s the latest on Cain’s health progress:

Jan. 17, 2019 — Adam Cain was still listed in critical condition, but was continuing to “slowly improve.” As of the 16th, Adam was breathing on his own.  He had a surgery scheduled for one of his broken arms on the morning of the 17th.

“The family asks for continued prayers and thanks everyone for all the support,” said City Administrator Matt Brook. “It truly has been incredible!”

Jan. 10, 2019 – City Administrator Matt Brooke released this statement from Adam Cain’s father, Kevin Cain.

“The first release on Adams condition may have led everyone to believe that he was about to walk out the door in the next few days. That could not be farther from the truth. Yes he was off the ventilator for 12hrs. However, the type injuries he has to his lungs do not “blossom” until 2-3 days post injury. The lining of the lungs swell and weep fluids much like external injuries. They will be in this condition for multiple weeks. With that comes time when Adam is in his most critical condition and has to fight the hardest. Even the family visiting him can stress him. The doctors are doing everything they can to try and help him. He has times of good rest, times of restlessness, and times of hard struggles that are very scary. I do not have enough space to give all details but I wanted to give you a general understanding of his status. He is literally fighting for his life now. Lynn, Matt, and I are doing our best to function. Unless you have traveled this journey there is no way you would understand. The reason I am reaching out and sharing is because Adam needs help. I am begging each and every one of you to continue to pray, share what I have shared with you to everyone you know about Adam and ask they continue to pray also. My son needs them.”

Jan. 8, 2019 — According to a statement from Clinton City Administrator Matt Brooke, doctors are focused on Cain’s breathing.  He’s been back and forth with a breathing tube during his recovery.  Doctors were able to remove it Sunday for about 12 hours, but replaced it after he started to have some troubles breathing again.

“This will allow his lungs to heal and to allow him to rest more comfortably with the sedation,” said Brooke’s statement.  Doctors made Cain’s family aware that there could be some setbacks in his recovery and replacing the breathing tube was anticipated.

At one point Adam was awake and able to breath on his own, Brooke said.  This allowed his family to have a conversation with him “and tell him they loved him and he knows everyone is behind him.”

About a week later, Cain was still listed in critical, but stable condition.  He came down with pneumonia, which doctors said was expected.  His caretakers were seeing improvement in his lungs but he continued to be on a ventilator.

Cain’s family is asking for continued prayers for Cain as well as for Lt. Hosette’s family.