Police find 6 Scott’s Law violations in one district on a single day

The Illinois State Police were on the lookout for drivers not moving over April 6.

LASALLE, Illinois- Illinois State Troopers in LaSalle were specifically watching out for Scott's Law violations on April 6.

There were 6 Scott's Law violations in District 17 in just one day, according to a tweet from the ISP.

Scott's Law requires drivers move over when approaching a cop or other emergency vehicle stopped on a roadway. You're supposed to slow down and change lanes if possible. The law is meant to protect law enforcement from passing cars as they do their job.

In 2019 at least 14 ISP squad cars have been hit. Trooper Christopher Lambert was the first of three troopers killed in traffic during 2019. Lambert was struck while on the scene of a three-vehicle crash. According to a post by the ISP, Lambert has purposefully placed his car in a dangerous position to protect the victims of the previous crash.

The Illinois State Police and other law enforcement agencies have spoken multiple times about using caution when emergency vehicles are parked on the side of the road.

Illinois State Police District 17 serves Bureau, LaSalle, and Putnam Counties.

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