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People wonder how human skull ended up on island in Henderson County

People living near where the skull was found are waiting for answers.

BURLINGTON, Iowa-- More questions than answers remain for people living near where a skull was found inside a helmet last week.

It was found on the southern tip of Burlington Island in the Mississippi River.

"A skull with a helmet on it, I figured it was a hoax," said Jim Blair, who lives in Burlington. "It's kind of strange on an island."

The skull was discovered by some people working for a logging company in Henderson County.

"I heard they found a skull inside a motorcycle helmet or possibly a snowmobile helmet," said Josh Saldeen, also from Burlington. "(Figuring out) when it happened or even who it is is going to take a lot of effort."

The Peoria County Coroner said an autopsy has been done, but the Henderson County Coroner will have to release any details. DNA testing is being used to identify the remains.

"I surely don't wish that to happen to anybody," Saldeen said. "It's a distinct situation..."

People living in the area said few things have happened that have been as shocking as this, leaving them wondering where the head came from.

"I really believe that somebody had an accident," Saldeen said. "They might be able to come up with somebody. I hope they do. I know if I lost somebody to this river, I'd want to know."