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People start to enjoy the riverfront again as Burlington cleans up after flooding

While many signs of the flood are almost completely washed away, there’s still work to be done.

BURLINGTON, Iowa-- The riverfront is looking like its old self as Burlington Public Works crews continue power-washing and cleaning up what the Mississippi River left behind.

A HESCO breach in early June left parts of downtown flooded. Now the river is back under major flood stage.

"It was just dangerous to be out," boater Chris Inghram says. "It was too high just to about south of the levees. It's probably been one of the worst years, but we're finally getting out there."

Inghram says he usually gets the boat out by May, sometimes earlier. But this year, he just started getting out this month.

"Yeah, they just got it cleaned up down here and it's nice to be out on the river again," he says.

While many signs of the flood are almost completely washed away, there's still work to be done. Nick MacGregor, assistant city manager to public works, told News 8 the inside of the Port of Burlington and Memorial Auditorium still need work before reopening.

The auditorium has mold and the risers need to be restored or replaced. MacGregor says it will reopen by October 1 if they're lucky.

The city estimates the flood caused a million dollars worth of damage to city property with more to come as they continue assessments.