Patrick Quinn completes Illinois homeless awareness walk, joined by father

The son of former Illinois governor Pat Quinn completed a week-long hike across the state of Illinois to raise awareness for a cause important to him.

CHICAGO, Illinois -- Patrick's Quinn's week-long hike across the state of Illinois has finally come to a close.

The son of former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn set out on the journey on Sunday, August 11th, 2019 from Rock Island's Centennial Bridge alongside his father to spotlight the plight of the homeless and raise awareness and donations for the nonprofit Housing Forward.

He also visited numerous homeless and temporary housing shelters along the way.

Patrick estimated that the 190-mile walk would take about 8 days to complete, but he reached the end destination of Chicago's Grant Park in just 7 days.

The hike was inspired by his father's previous walk for healthcare almost two decades ago and by Patrick's prior experience working with the homeless.

"I worked for a homeless shelter in Brooklyn, New York and that really inspired me to continue doing this work even though I'm not working there anymore," Patrick said. "I've continued to volunteer and it's an issue I'm really passionate about."