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Oscar Mayer says: Wienermobile drivers wanted!

Most successful applicants will have a BA in public relations or communications.
Oscar Mayer Wienermoblie 75th Birthday Celebration

VERONA, Wisconsin –- Do you love a good hot dog? Do you love to drive? Then we’ve got a job for you – one that combines the best of the hot dog and driving worlds.

Oscar Mayer is looking for Wienermobile navigators. Yup, those folks that get to drive the Wienermobile from coast to coast, spreading hot dog goodwill and mustard and relish (and maybe some ketchup.)  According to Oscar Mayer, the official term for these people is “Hotdogger.”

Hotdoggers act as goodwill ambassadors and basically work in a traveling public relations firm that looks like a giant hot dog. They interact with media, greet the public, do publicity and charity functions and are provided with one amazing company car.

The company is currently accepting applications for a one-year Hotdogger position. The job starts in June and is 100% travel. Applicants should be college grads with a BA or BS in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising or marketing, but the company says they’ll look at applicants with other degrees too. They’d love it if the Hotdogger is bilingual as well.

You can click here to read  more about the job!