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One injured in Big Rock, Iowa home explosion

A home explosion left one man injured with severe burns.

BIG ROCK, Iowa -- A home explosion left one man injured with severe burns.

The explosion happened in the middle of the night on Sunday, February 17, according to the fire marshal.  Around 2 a.m., first responders were called to the home in the 31000 block of Big Rock Road.

Twenty-four hours later, the house is still smoldering.

“It blew every window out of the house, it blew the doors out of the house I mean he flew out, flew over right by the pool table there  or there was that's no longer there,” said Kirk Meyer. Meyer says by the time he pulled up to the house it was completely engulfed.

“There's absolutely nothing there everything they had is burned up,” said Meyer. His brother and sister-in-law were both inside at the time.

“Where's he at, the only thing I thought, but I seen him walking down the hill so I knew he was going to make it,” said Meyer.

Becky had to jump from her bedroom window to escape the house they had lived in for more than 15 years. Kelly, was in the basement.

"He went down and checked the furnace and he said next thing I saw was like a fireball and I stood up and started running out the door and it blew up," said Meyer.

Becky made it out without a scratch on her, but Kelly is suffering from second and third degree burns.

“Up around his neck, obviously his head and ears, the tip of his nose it all got burned and his lips are pretty well burned,” said Meyer.

After being transported to Genesis East, Kelly was airlifted to Iowa City.

“It's going to be a pretty long road of recovery for the kid but he'll be alright,” said Meyer.

Before Kirk heads out to see his brother, he's setting up a drop off spot for clothes, and other household items.

“Just a bad situation here in time everything will get better, the stuff he had in that house, its just stuff, that can all be replaced, you can't replace my brother,” said Kirk.

Loved ones started a GoFund Me for the couple.  Click here. 

One injured in Big Rock, Iowa home explosion

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